Spit 1500 engine break in.


Looks like I'll be installing the Spitfire 1500 when I'm back home in a few weeks. If all goes well I'll be able to fire it up. Been years since I broke in a new motor. It's bone stock but all new bearings, cam and reground lifters. What do you experts recommend for a good cam break in RPM and duration. It will be running a Weber carb as well.

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In the past my machinist said just to use it like you normally would. I would suggest putting an actual oil pressure gauge on it. On first round just let it idle and run. Watch for leaks, watch for oil pressure fluctuations. Feel the radiator hose. If it builds up pressure quickly you have a problem. Watch for antifreeze seepage at head.
I prefer my lifters adjusted a little loose a little ticky is ok a little or a lot of tacky needs to be adjusted. Now after ten cycles of use and cooling some suggest re torquing head bolts. I think it is a good idea, some say it is unnecessary. Also check intake manifold bolts. Let us know how you like the 1500. Keep it under 65mph or maybe less, I understand they like to grenade at higher rpms. I think a tach would be a good investment.