Speenvision Today(Monday)

Canadian four amphs

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Sept. 7th at around 2 pm Eastern or 11pm, The Show Car Crazy with Barry Maguire, will air with the clip from the London "fleetwood Country cruizein"
at which 13 Amphicars showed up for in June 09.
I recieved a thankyou note from Steve Plunket in which he Quotes:
Everybody still talks about the Amphi Cars! It was so great.Thanks so much to you and the club members"

In 2010 I will not host a June swim in but I was talking with Barb and she may see about a mini swim in in London Area early June to co-with Steves Car show

Also May plan for a earlyer swim in in Fl(say begining of March instead of end) but that planning will have to wait till I get down there.


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Just watcheD the 2:30 show not that one......I looked ahead in the guide. The 11:00 pm show (Eastern time) is the Fleetwood show that features the Amphis in London Ontario Canada

Jeff Collins

Ed Howard

I just watched this episode on Speedvision here in Southern California! Good job, Gord. There was as much airtime for the Amphicars as there was for the show host's own massive Cadillac collection!

Canadian four amphs

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It may be on again today Mid day. I sent emails out about it.
I watched it at Daughers yesterday,, good show
monday Sept.14th,
they are mailing me a copy.