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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by dmd@essex1.com, Aug 4, 2000.

  1. dmd@essex1.com

    Talked with Aiman from WATV. He expects his Car Crazy to be aired August
    24 on Speed Vision. I dont have cable so let me know how the Brown
    Wonder and I look. When the Amphis were new others tried to push them to
    thier limit. Discussion is underway about recreating the English
    Channel crossing. I talked with Roger Sallee about crossing the length
    of Lake of the Ozarks non stop. About 85 miles. Another trip being
    thought of is the Wisconsin Dells. Drive right into the Tommy Bartlett
    water show. Go head to head with the Ducks. I think there will be more
    regional get togethers. If your planning a local swim let me or
    President Marc know so we can get it into newsletter. If you have some
    good before and after pics of your car get them to me so we can put a
    story together. Later Dave the Wave

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