Special Tools


In looking at the maintenance manual trying to figure out how to get the front axle off of the car, I noticed several special tools referenced. I know that some of them are for convenience. In reading through the archives, I could not figure out if AC 23 and AC 24 are required to do the job or just nice to have.

Has anyone compiled a list of the "special tools" for the Amphicar and a list of tools that will work in their place, or alternate methods that don't need the tool?

Mostly, I'm just terrified of screwing up something expensive by yanking on the wrong piece.

Ron Green


Jeff Collins from Canada sells the special tool for pulling the rear axles through the bearings and seals and he also has the tool that allows you to remove / install the pinch bolts (front & rear). Both are huge time savers. Gord Souter has these I believe however Jeff’s phone number is in your IAOC 2008 membership roster.
Many of the other special tools that the manual shows can be worked around using other tools with the exception of a hub puller, etc that you can still purchase. I don’t ever remember seeing a list of tools that can be supplemented for the factory tools.