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Speaking of Mount Dora.
Imagine yourself in a warm southern clime, you're in the middle of a chain of
lakes that run 360 miles. They are connected by some of Americas most scenic
waterways. The Azaleas are still in bloom, you're at a super gathering of
Woody cars, wooden boats and maybe twenty Amphicars. The city has closed the
adjacent city blocks for an antique street fair and market. On Saturday the
Amphicars participate in "The Shortest Parade In The USA." Short and sweet,
by the obligatory crowd thrilling splash in at its conclusion.
This year we have a hospitality suite at the host hotel. It will be staffed
as you arrive for check-in. It will be the place we have needed to act as an
anchor for this event. A gathering point and a comfortable place to continue the
Amphi conversation we all love. Many of the Florida Amphi owners have put
their heads together to work the "bugs " out of this wonderful event. It is
be fun.
We had eight Amphicars represented at the planning session so twenty cars at
this event is a good possibility. Did I mention the temperature will be in the
seventies? We are the stars of the show. We are planning a canal cruise in
one direction the same time the wooden boat guys cruise the same canal in the
opposite direction. It is like a parade watching a parade. This is cool stuff
and worth the trip for sure.
Tommy in Tampa

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