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In the past few days, it looks like a few spam messages have sneaked past the various defenses on the Amphicar Forums courtesy of our friends in Pakistan,

Today I have purchased and installed yet another layer of counter-measures so hopefully the Cretans go elsewhere.

Once again, thanks to those who have contributed to the forums over the years. All these software add-ons, etc., do cost $$$ to purchase and maintain. If you have never done so, please consider a voluntary contribution to help keep the forums floating. Link is in the menu up top or else
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Yeah! New software seems to be working.

Spam activities peak around 3AM each day. Looks like our friends from Paki tried getting in and failed, then tried from an IP in New Delhi and failed again.

It is ridiculous that I have to set up all sorts of things to thwart these guys but that is the world we live in. Old Timers may recall that Spam was one of the reasons we moved away from the old Yahoo Group many years back,

Ken Chambers

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Thank you for keeping this forum running so smoothly over the years. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.