Souter Sighting




Gord left Del Mar this morning on his way north to visit Alan Woodcock, Ed
Howard, and Hugh Gordon. Between Ed Price, Amphipoda, and me, he had few
parts left in his truck after his San Diego visit.

Amphipoda, Connie and I had dinner with Gord last night and traded Amphi
stories and gossip. It's always a pleasure when Gord stops by.

Del Mar, CA

64 red (I SWIM 2) who decided to leak gas all over for Gord's visit
64 red (AMPHICR) closer to being done with new parts and help from Gord

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Ed Price

Gord visited with me on Friday, after unloading his Fiberglas restoration pieces
(I bought two rear fenders and an engine cover). My initial impression is that
the parts are very nice. I was especially impressed with the engine cover. We
flipped it in place, and it was a perfect fit, and it sure does look good. I'll
review these items a bit later, but for now, I have to find a safe place to
store them while grinding & welding are happening.

BTW, Gord brought all this rain on us by running his truck through a car wash
before leaving El Cajon on Saturday morning!

El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

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