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David Chapman

I've received this, contact them direct if interested !

David Chapman

To Whom It May Concern:

I work for a US based entertainment company who is doing an event for a
large client in January 2005. The event is going to take place in the
Dominican Republic. We are looking to rent various types of unique water
transportation for a one-day event (but, will probably be needed for
approximately 3-4 days, including transportation time). After looking over
the Amphicars website, I was impressed by some of the designs of the
vehicles. If possible, we would to have an Amphicar at our event, mid
January. If agreed upon, what would be the cost for rental, staffing and
transportation? Please feel free to contact me via email or you can reach
me, or my colleague (Josh) via phone at the number listed below. I look
forward to hearing from you.

Yours Adrenalized,

Jessie Kelkenberg
Sponsorship Manager
Thrillseekers Unlimited, Inc.

Office: 973.338.6995
Direct: 330.461.2335

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