solex carbs


<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">I find the talk about carb jets very interesting. When I bought my Amphi in 1995 it had sat since 1983 or longer. The old man who owned it bought it new in 1963. He thought he was handy and apparently attempted several repairs himself. Oh ya he was retired when he bought it in 63. I found many things rigged and cobbled to make do. The carburetor looked as if it had been into by someone. After doing some research and talking to Hugh it seemed my best route to take would be to replace it with anew carb. The engine ran fine with the old carb but leaked all over. It also had a slight hesitation. I have always driven cars over ten years old so a little hesitation doesn't bother me. When the new carb arrived I installed it and made the adjustments. Amphi ran good no hesitation, better pick up, nice idle and an extremely BLACK tailpipe. I will now look at the jets to see what this "new" carb has installed as a standard size. I will also look at the original carb and see what size is in it. I decided not to send the old carb back for the core just because I thought I should keep the original one.

On an other subject I know of a repair shop who has a complete Amphicar trains laying in his shop. He wants me to make him an offer on it. Any ideas?

Tim Wick

white 63 </font>