SoCal Swim-In and Harbor Cruise

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It's hard to believe that it has been only a week since the June 1st SoCal
Swim-In at Lake Miramar in San Diego. It was so much fun to have eight San
Diego Cars, three from Los Angeles, and several other owners who showed up
with various (but good) excuses as to why their Amphis were somewhere else.
Highlights of the day included Jim Zuliani's maiden voyage (more water than
expected), Hugh Gordon's impromptu lessons on Amphi care and maintenance,
and the large number of people who clamored for rides.

We had good media coverage with NBC doing two four minutes spots prior to
the event, Fox putting us on the 10 PM news, and the Union Tribune with a
picture of Amphipoda on the first page of the second section. The local
(Scripps Ranch) paper had a reporter who took more than 20 pages of notes.

I was busy giving rides (it is incredible how people love to cruise in an
Amphi), so I do not have many pictures. I hope those who did take some,
especially of the group, will post them or email them to me. I posted a
couple pictures in Files under AMPHICR.

So what do you do after a wonderful swim with other Amphis? Why take to the
San Diego Harbor and try to find new friends. Today Captain Rick, Heidi,
and I went out on the Harbor and met a new friend, a sub returning to its
berth. One of the posted pictures is Captain Rick with the sub and Naval
Security in the background. It appears that the Navy does not have a
protocol for when a car drives near a sub from the seaward side.

Amphis are the greatest. Thanks Hans.


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