So far...



When we first took our Amphi in our neighborhood canal using a
neighbors mud ramp to see what it was like in. We drove up and down
the canal a few times and didn't see any water; but then we couldn't
get back out. Too much mud and no experience. We had to swim seven
miles to the nearest ramp. A few adult beverages many fingernails
later we drove out on the next point. We are lucky with our original
car, it doesn't leak. We have sat out in the water over 6 hours and
don't get much more than a quart. The only time we really get a lot
is when we go in so fast that water rushes over and in the rear
engine cover louvers. Our bilge pump is almost always dry. I have
always thought something is wrong because everyone else usually has
their pump working from the time they enter the water till they are
out, I won't mention any names. Like Tim said, won't go in too slow,
the water will come up, up and over the windscreen and you get wet.
Watch out for large boat wakes, they can get you wet too, ask Nick or
Dave, they've seen the bottom of our car out in the lake.
Marty & Caryl