Snow globes


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I know I'd be interested if it comes out. I have a
white car but any Amphi looks good to me. Depending
on cost I could be in for anywhere from 2-10.


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possibly having a clear one made with a floating amphi
That would be cool---I'd buy a few, make um in the
four colors and one with snow in it for Dave and

A couple with alligators for Tommy and I--

Oh yea, one with ice for Mike in NH------

Don't mind me--just trying to see if I can work this
new thingy

Also trying to figure out how to change the color of a
selected sentence, after all is typed in-----like the
first one here to show its from a previous post.
Someone else showed how to do it on a new post but on
a reply I can't find the right icon---used to do it by
highlighting and right clicking to change colors---no
workee on this format?????

Ken in La


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I don't want to be reminded of the white crap! I want a globe with sand and palm trees...


Canadian four amphs

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No snow here in Ontario,Went for a perimiter walk around my property yesterday.
There is a missing man in our town and 90 people did a serch yesterday so I did my part.
No luck, but usually this is a walk that can not be done this time of year..
GORD Souter