sNOw Amphicars out today



We don't see sNOw Amphicars out around here today, all this white
stuff would make for inadequate web-toed-traction. Sure am glad we
don't live in Buffalo. Do we have any Amphi-friends in Australia
where it's summer now?
Marty & Caryl
BUOYANT & warm in the garage in WI
'64 Turq or white if we set it outside

Marty & Caryl, On the contrary, the Amphi is like a little Tank in the snow.
Years ago I chased a snowmobile with my white one here in Northern
Connecticut. It had Snow tires when I bought it. It was rusted quite badly
and I didn't really care as I had three others that weren't.I finally cut the
white one up and scrapped it. (What was I thinking of back in 1972.) For our
friend in Alaska, if you had a decent pair of snow tires and the roads were
not full of salt, you can get around very nicely with Amphi in a foot of snow.


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