Smooth sailing


Marty & Caryl

We drove to the river yesterday for what might be our last swim of
the year. It was great with the wind making waves that smashed up
and over the front and top as we plowed into them. Going the
opposite direction was smooth sailing. We took a few onlookers for
rides and a few fast splashes. On the way home Caryl and I talked
about our new brakes that we picked up from Gord and how we can't say
enough about how good they work. No more being wrenched to one side
or sailing through stop signs when the pedal is pressed. We are
progressing with our house remodel/addition with the footings and
walls poured with waterproofing happening today followed by back
filling Wednesday and then the building starts. The new swimming
pool is already in and waiting for Dave to make waves sometime in
Marty & Caryl

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