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forney1.jpgcalendaramp3a.jpgforney1.jpgcalendaramp3a.jpg About 5 years ago I purchased an Amphicar (AACA calendar car May, 2006) from the original owner. It was lost for 36 years in Michigan. Her dad gave it to her as a 1st car in 1966 and then taken away and secretly stored in 1968 because she was "surfing" the wakes of container ships on Lake Michigan and Dad didn't approve! It was rediscovered long after her dad's passing then in 1985 she got it back where it was stored in Greeley, CO until I bought it.

Last weekend I was giving charity rides locally when a lady asked if I knew of one in Greeley, CO. I said I didn't know of any but I had purchased one from a lady there some time ago. I took her for a ride and in our conversation she told me about a friend who had an Amphicar. She then said that she was waiting at the dock for her friend to pick her up for her 1st ride but she had gotten in trouble by her Dad and he took away the car so she never got to ride in it. HUMM!!! Sure enough my Amphicar is the very car she didn't get to ride in 42 years ago in MI! That car is on display at the Forney museum in Denver, but she did to ride in my white Amphi after waiting for 42 years!


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What is behind the Amphicar in the next display?
I was giving a ride to a lady in Orillia and she said she remembered seeing one in her youth, in the Grand River in Southern Ont.
I replied a blue one.. why yes....I had seen the very same one in my youth(10-14) as we went there every weekend to waterski behind dads 14 fter with a 40 Hp ELGIN... and Thats the memory reason why Im into amphicars today!
15 amphicar in my driveway!


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Gord - That is a home made tri-phipian. It is made mostly of plywood in the early 70s by an older guy who wanted to mass produce them. It was too heavy to do anything very well. Small cockpit that is dificult to get into. It drives, floats and flies! At least it did all 3.... once.
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