sinking in Queenston, ON ?


David Field

I have just joined the group again after 6 months absence. Despite
being without Amphicar for many years I still miss mine. Hope she is
still alive and well in California. The reason for this posting is
that I got a call from a friend who lives in Queenston, ON (near
Niagara Falls) who said he witnessed the sinking of a green Amphi from
Utah there last Friday. He said it drove in and went quickly down -
glug, glug! Had to be hauled out by the Rescue Squad. Has anyone
else heard about this? Sounds strange!
Hi to all my friends, it's good to be back and I hope one day to own
another Amphi. I do still belong to the Club. If any of you are up
this way (near Kingston, ON and Watertown NY) do come visit us on
Wolfe Island. I have a waterfront property with a driveway into the
lake - perfect for an Amphi!
Cheers, Dave Field

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