Single wire alternator

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    Scott Moses wrote:
    I'm replacing my generator and idiot light, with a single wire

    Scott:You might want to reconsider using a single wire alternator on
    your amphicar. One wire alternators are usually not recommended and
    are intended for cars with high idle speeds. It will act as a
    generator at low idle and probably won't charge at idle or low rpm's.

    Then again maybe fellow amphibians have used them with good luck.
    Anybody used a single wire alternator on their amphi?

  2. Moses, Scott, Civ

    I have installed my single wire alternator and so far it works as
    advertised. I used a GM 60 amp because that's what I had laying around.
    I get 14.7 volts at idle and 14.8 volts at 60 MPH. The lower bracket
    mounted to the original generator mount on the engine and I made an
    adjustable bracket for the top. A new 43 inch belt and a single wire to
    the battery. Total cost was $45.

    Scott Moses

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