Simple Steering Box Braces


John Friese

You can find photos of the steering braces that I built for my two
cars at:

These braces are made of 1/4" steel that can be purchased almost
anywhere. It was simply a matter of carefully measuring the distances
required between the existing mount and the steering box bolt hole,
since the distances are not really standardized in the Amphicars.
They are a very cheap yet effective way to eliminate steering box
movement. If your car doesn't have such mounting points, obviously
you'll have to use another system.

John Friese
67 White
67 Red


I am right with you on this one John. My homemade brace is the same
except wider steel stock and maybe not as thick. I would be amazed
if it took a full hour to complete and cost less than $10.00. I
initially thought the style from Renee Pohl from Germany was the way
to go, but no welding won the day and it is removable.