Simple Fix...NOT!


Bill Connelly

What Chris describes below sounds like the symptoms of a very common problem
in Amphicars: the rubber brake lines to the wheel cylinders may look fine on
the outside, but inside they have been quietly decaying and swelling up,
cutting off brake fluid flow. What this means in practice is that while
your leg is strong enough to force the brake fluid through the swelled brake
line to the wheel cylinders, the brake springs are not strong enough to
force it back when the pedal's released. Hence, the brakes stay "on".
Chris: Replace ALL of your rubber brake lines RIGHT NOW. Otherwise you risk
a real nasty and very expensive meltdown.

Hugh recommends replacing the wheel cylinder brake lines every five years.
If you can't remember when yours were last replaced, at least remember that
when you place your next order with Hugh!


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From: chris_skeeles
Sent: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 9:23 PM
Subject: [amphicar-lovers] Simple Fix

I was swimming the other day with Amphi. Actually swimming as in me
getting into water. Anyways, I was treading around the car when I got
an urge to spin the front tires while she was floating. The drivers
side front spun real nice, but the passenger side was tight.

I suspected wheel bearing as I have yet to dig that far into the
wheel to inspect them so I feared the worse.

As it turns out after getting home and removing wheel and drum that
the shoes are pressing against the drum causing them to rub. So I put
the drum back on, and then vented the bleeder valve slightly to
relieve the pressure and sure enough the wheel spins great.

I would never had known it was tight had I not got in the water with
the car and got wet spinning the tires!

Chris Skeeles
'63 Red - Canton, Ohio

Mike Israel

--- Bill Connelly <> wrote:
> > Chris: Replace ALL of your rubber brake lines
> NOW. Otherwise you risk
> a real nasty and very expensive meltdown.

Ditto! Remember, the Amphi has a single circuit
master cylinder. On a more modern vehicle if you blow
a break line you still have some brakes at either
front or rear (opposite side from where line broke).
On the Amphi if a hose goes and you lose your break
fluid you life will depend on the handbrake. While
you are at it replace the oil lines if you have never
done so. Engine fires (especially in the water) are
not much fun either.

Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
Amphi List / Digest Admin


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