Michael Echemann

To everyone who ordered a service sign I inspected the first one today and they
are beautiful. They even put the period correct brass rings in the corners for
hanging. I ordered them and will pick them up on the 19th. If your coming to
Celina you can pick it up there. If your not you can mail a check to me at the
address below and I'll ship it right out. If you prefer you can paypal me using
my email address. Please add $5.00 to cover shipping in the USA. I have no idea
what the shipping costs are to Europe but just add $10.00 and let me know if you
think it's too much or too little. I'll use UPS.

If you didn't get one I ordered 5 extra's. If no one emails wanting these extra
signs I'll bring them to Celina.


Mike Echemann
4421 Oakwood Ave.
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

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