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Shock Therapy


David Derer

I just couldn't focus on job in front of me. I was irritable. Couldn't
sleep. The new seat belts had been sitting there since Christmas. I
couldn't put belts in without putting in new floor board. I couldnt put
in floorboard without fixing parking brake cable. Couldn't replace cable
without pulling rear wheels. Couldn't replace cable with the old brake
shoes. Couldn't replace shoes without replacing grease seal. Couldn't
replace seal without new bearing. Couldn't replace bearing without
taking entire assembly apart. The new wood floor looks good and will
support the wieght of large Boy Scouts. Working on Brown Wonder is
therapy for me.Amsoil warning. I got some of the grease on seat. How
long I dont know but put a blue stain on white vynil. On my site I put
on "Thats Shocking" a cheap fix for those tired front shocks. Found at
www.amphicar.bigstep.com. Iam excited about ordering the knew "T"
handle from Hugh. It doesn't take much for me to get excited. His hood
deal this month is exceptional.. For those who haven't seen them,they
are excellent. My spys tell me there is a another body part in the
works. Possibly carbon fiber. My fingers are crossed. Viva Celina! Later
Dave the Wave

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