Shock absorber, Beloit

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Dave Derer

Really look at rear shock. When they break the results could truly be
dissasterous. A customer car a couple of years ago, its rear shock broke
while on trailer. When it brakes there is not anything holding spring.
So car drops all the way down. With a loaded vehicle on the high way, I
hate to imagine. You can usually look and see moisture or wet area if
bad. Or if really bad you will see rust and wear. At high end (hughs)
they are still cheaper than the results of a broken one. If you are
driving even if you stay in control axle will beat the tunnel to death.

On a much lighter side. I drove BW2 up to South Beloit. I met up with
Cigar Guy and Not Dead Yet . We headed up to a sand bar. Over cast and
cold but very pretty up there. River was up and Cigar Guy is saying to
drive up on sand bar. Not Dead Yet looks like he is four wheeling. He is
bouncing around and revving it up and finally comes to rest on beach. I
have been stuck before and no way in %$#^ am I following. After some
pics we left with no problems. So I ended up clocking around 150 miles
and a few water hours. All in all a good time. Later Dave the Wave

glad you made it it home safely, went on the river again today with (not
dead yet) water was lower and more sand bar to go up on... had a great time... I
found out there is a awesome sand bar in janesville... maybe Tom Jones or
somebody north of me knows where it is... p.s i think i'm getting hooked on
these sand bars!!!
take-care, (cigarguy)

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