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Shelter from the Storm


Bill Connelly

Since the topic of shelters, tents and similar garage-like structures
recently came up, I thought I should mention that tonight at CostCo I saw
for only $149.00 a rather sturdy-looking 10' x 20' Steel Frame Canopy with a
back panel and removable sides (CostCo Item # 372749).

For what it usually costs for a middle-of-the-line slip-on car cover, here
you can have what effectively amounts to a whole damned garage. The quality
seemed remarkably decent too.

The direct Internet address to view this item is way too gnarly to be usable
here, but for more info and pictures, you can just go to CostCo's Internet
site at http://www.costco.com , do a product search in the upper righthand
corner for "canopy" and then click "10 x 20 Foot Steel Frame Canopy"

I also took the liberty of noting the manufacturer's contact info off of one
of the boxes in case someone digs this out of the archives long after this
item has rotated off of CostCo's roster of seasonal offerings:

North American Outdoor Products
West Haven, Connecticut
Tel. 1-800-524-9970


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