ser # chart


Robert B. Wright

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<span id="__#Ath#SignaturePos__"></span>3 items stand out in marc's chart 1) all 6 digit cars have painted dash. 2) all 9 digit cars have black dash. 3) all 9 digit cars have 2 piece front bumper. Certainly some one in Germany, who was employed at Amphicar during the 1960s has knowledge of serial # assignments ect. As an example in 1955 Chris craft corporation built 102 boats in Holland Mi. called ( COBRA ). There were many unaswered questions. We , the Cobra club were able to round up 4 employees with vast imformation. We videotaped a question and answer session and now 47 years later we finally have our first hand imformation on video. Most of our inquiries were answered however some were not because as we found out management ran production by the seat of their pants. Hopefully in the near future the Amphicar club can get some production and ser.# imformation before it is to late. Robert Wright Red 1967 ?.

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