selling amphicars and amphicar camper


victor brown

I used to own 10 amphicars have 4 left. I moved back to switzerland 4 years ago
and sold some off. Now i live in costa rica and am back in the states for a few
months. Ive got one in west palm florida listed on ebay,it is sitting on a brand
new 16ft car trailer, also a 1963 tbird convertible there. I have 1 in rhode
island and 2 in maine.I have listed the amphicar camper on ebay also, it is in
rhode island. I really want to sell the one in florida because i have to gather
all my stuff to store up in maine and be back in costa rica. I came back to the
states to buy a powered parachute the back pack kind and take lessons and get
all my stuff stored in one place. I know i dont have any current pictures on
the car. I will be going to florida next week. a few people who live down there
are waiting to meet me there.. Just giving you club members a heads up its a
running driving foating car that will sell for 15,000 or a little under. A car
you can use while detailing.
my email is you can email me your phone number and a
time to call you if interested. Thank you.

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