Secret Gift


Arnold Hite


O.K. I'm stumped. I guess I'll have to wait until Mt. Dora to
figure out what you mean by rad mount. We plan to leave from Charleston
early on that Friday morning. I figure you will be passing through a
day or two before that. You are welcome to stay here if you wish..
I'll be pulling Amphi on one of Rob's custom trailers. It should
make the trip a lot less stressful after years of making due with a very
small utility trailer. Sharon and I almost have our car back
together. Tomorrow evening I plan to put gas in it, and inspect my
newly re-lined gas tank. I'm not so worried about the gas tank as I am
the fittings underneath. Also, assuming it starts, I'll drive it
around a little. I plan to report on the radiator mounts I bought. See
you at Mt. Dora.

Johns Island, SC

>Message: 1
> Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 09:15:07 -0500
> From: "Gord Souter" <>
>Subject: RE: My secret gift
>NO Arnold your not right!
>But you will have a chance to guess at it to as I am bringing a bunch to Mt
>Dora as
>door prise/ give outs .
>Have also ordered 24 of my Amphicar Tilley Hats(Fishing) to sell(sorry there
>to expensive to give out)
>I plan to leave about a week ahead of the Mt Dora event so I can be in
>Florida for Old Town on Sat night of the 20th in Kissimmee. Anyone want to
>join me there?
>May be able to bring a few of my new hoods and rear decks with me as well as
>any other parts people might need.
>GORD SOUTER in Canada