SEATTLE: Opening Day of Boating Season Parade - May 3rd


Our Amphicars are a big crowd pleaser and the owners of some (VERY) large yachts show great respect for the floating cars sharing their space. Houseboat owners on Lake Union have been known to hand out "beverages", also.

Join us this Saturday at Gasworks Park 11:30am or so and we will caravan to the public launch about noon. Plan on a couple of hours mixing it up with hundreds of motor yachts, antique and sailboats in Lake Union, before we take our turn through the Montlake Cut parade route and the throng along the log booms.

This year's theme is "A Three Ring Circus".

Thanks to Don Ross & Roger St John for insuring the Amphicars had their spot in the "Spirit" Class.

--Larry Solheim


New Member

I wish we could be there too. I suppose we could bring our 21 foot boat and our 32 foot motorhome, but it's just not the same,lol.