Seattle bound!

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I've recently accepted a job in Seattle (actually Bellevue) and I'm starting to look at housing around there and Kirkland. I was wondering whether there are other Amphicars and their owners in and around Seattle that I may learn more about these areas from for both 'living' and 'Amphicar'ing' -- I assume those nice big lakes are just perfect (but I see Lake Washington is connected to the ocean via docks so a little concerned about salt water?)

Greg Long. in Virginia -- very close to the epicenter of our 5.9 earthquake today! Everything is fine but it sure seemed that it was rockin' for a long time!


Congratulations on your upcoming move, Greg. We're in Mt. Vernon, about 60 miles north, but there are a couple of Amphicar owners in the Kirkland/Bellevue area. I see you are not an IOAC member, so I do not have your email address to send you personal contact information off-forum. The Kirkland owner is a Realtor and and the Bellevue owner owns a service station. All of the necessary "food groups"! Plus there are a couple of Amphicars on Lake Stevens (near Everett, about 30 miles north of Seattle) and another at nearby Lake Ki & also 2 or 3 more on American Lake, just south of Tacoma (about 30 miles south of Seattle). Between the group you can probably get much more information than you need.

As to the big lakes: Lake Washington is connected to Lake Union via the Montlake Cut (man-made channel) and Lake Union is eventually connected to the Puget Sound via the Ballard Locks. There is no salt or brackish water issue in the Seattle/Eastlake area. Lots of other lakes around too.