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Hi Robert again

I can't open up the images in the Windmail.dat format. Can you email me using Jpeg or another format.



Rob Vondracek

I have purchased and sold over 15 Amphis, and actually have delivered many
of them to the new owners. To date, 9 have been restored by me or by the
new owner, and 2 are in the process of being restored. One of those two is a
"nut and bolt" restoration by All Things Amphicar. It will be completed in
2006. I may sell it or keep it for myself. But no matter what happens, I
will have fun!
Numerous deals are he works. My plan is to buy a number of these cars and
to find lots of others to rescue. I love getting Amphis back into the hands
of enthusiasts that will use them, at the lowest price possible! It is fun
to watch the Amphi population grow.
Hugh Gordon recently told me that he knows a German that worked in one of
the plants and he says that the Amphicar Corporation absolutely produced
4500 cars. This number makes sense to me, considering all the cars that I
have found. My estimate; 2500 are known of, 1000 are gone, and 1000 are
lost and rusting away in barns and garages, most in the US and Canada. And
don't forget, I have found lots of cars that I was not able to buy. Many
guys don't want to sell, lots of guys think that Amphis are made of gold.
But someday, it will happen.

All Things Amphicar
Robert Vondracek

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