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Robert Vondracek

All of the cars that I have owned over the years have had the metal frame
rear seat cushion. However, my Gordon restoration, finished at the end of
'99, has the thin type of cushion. I definitely don't like it as well from
an appearance and comfort standpoint. But it sure is nice to know that it is
a floatation devise. What a great feature in an emergency. And the seat
cushion might help avoid a ticket from a DNR officer when an Amphi owner is
caught 1 life jacket short.

But it is unlikely that my passengers will ever need it (considering my
almost 4000 gal/hour bilge pump back-up system), but "Better to have it and
not need it than to want it and not have it". By the way

And it sure is easy to flip that thin sear cushion out and check the water
tranny oil level! And just a side note: I happen to be looking at photos of
John Friese's engine compartment, and what did I see but one of my Road
Tranny Dipsticks. What a rush! Thanks, Dave Derer, for giving me the idea.

Rob "Still High" Vondracek

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