sealant for the fender pocket


Jim Davis

The butler car is starting to take shape with lots of new metal going
in. I've never had it in the water and I'm still enjoying the typical
questions. People love to work on my car. I have lots of offers from
people to go for a ride on the second trip. A love affair has started>

Being that new metal going in also means more metal to rust, I have a
couple questions:

In the small pocket in the rear fender that will hold water, do I
want to seal it with something? POR15? Spray foam? Something has to
displace water and seal to the metal?

On the weld joints, what do I want to put directly on them? Urethane
caulk? POR15, An etching primer?

I need a little advise and hope someone can help.

Butler will swim again.
jim davis

Mike Israel

If good, clean metal, many coat the inner pockets with Gluvit which is a Marine
epoxy based coating. Stay away from any sort of foam. Others actually install
small drain plugs near the bottom.

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