seal puller/prop removal

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    Hi all, So this is the deal I made the worlds lowest cost seal
    remover, take your broom and cut the dome off the top end, drill
    about a 1/8 or 3/16 hole about 1/2" from the end you cut, get a big
    (about a # 14)FLAT head wood screw 11/2" long screw it in about half
    way, you need to leave 3/4 out of the wood. Now give the broom/puller
    to Big Raymond and tell him "please pull that out". He can just reach
    through the axle housing, hook onto the double lip seal (that I think
    was orignal) and pull it out. The first try the screw was too short
    so it took two tries. So we went around to the passangers side and he
    pulled it out the first try. Hope you can make use of the info.
    Tommy in Tampa Red 67-Corky
    Lynne White 64-Snappy

    How do I remove the props without killing them, in the book I saw
    they were using a puller. Must I?
    Thanks again, Greasy Boy

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