Schematics are ready...


Cap''n John

I believe that they are finished! I will do a once over to ensure
accuracy. I will have 3 sizes available all in full color (I can do
B/W if you prefer, but same price). These aren't laminated, but I
will look into it and pass on the prices at a later date. I am not
sure if I can get the larger ones laminated.

To see a sample of what these look like, see the Schematic_sample.pdf
in the files section. Keep in mind that this sample is in ultra low
quality and the real ones are high quality. The file I use is 34 meg!

11" x 17" (B size) - $15
22" x 14" (C size) - $30
34" x 22" (D size) - $40

I have not set an exact date when I will have them printed, it
depends on the amount of orders. If you want one, please send me your
order via email to: jbevins[at] (substitute the [at]
for @)

Cap'n John