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You are free to do your own due diligence. The $16,100 price should be your first clue. If you choose to enquire further you may receive a response similar to this...



Like I have told you , in my previous email, the car it's in perfect condition and in my opinion you won't be able to find a nicer car for this price. It is a 100% great car in EVERY way. I was thinking of a solution, how we can make the deal, given the present situation and the best mode how we can make the deal will be COD. CASH ON DELIVERY will be a convenient and an accessible solution for us. I will send the car to your home address COD ( CASH ON DELIVERY ) with the possibility of inspection. As you probably noticed, the price is rather low, and the reason I'm selling the car at this price is because I have to pay over 15.000 US$ for registration here in Netherlands. The car is here in my garage in Netherlands. At this moment, I can drive the car here because the insurance is still available , but when the insurance will expire, I can't drive it anymore here, and will be necessary to register it here. I can't spend over 15.000 US$ for registration and I think that the best solution is to sell it. The car is still registered in US with a clean title so in this mode , will be very simple to transfer the car to your name , at the local DMV. In this case you will not pay other taxes to import the car. I can send the car to your home address and the transport will take approximately 2 weeks. After you will receive the car, you will have another two days to inspect it. After the inspection period ends, the transport company will ask you if there are any issues with the car. If the car it's different than as I described, or you don't like it, you can refuse the transaction, and the car will be sent back to my address , on my expense. If everything it's ok and I'm sure it will be, you will be able to transfer your name in the title at your local DMV. I think, that this is the best mode, for you and for me , how we can make the deal , because in this mode , you have the opportunity , to see the car and verify the car BEFORE I receive my money for it... So that’s it ! This car needs a new owner. This is an incredibly enjoyable car to drive ... little sad as I write this... knowing it is leaving. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of ownership.

Thanks and I am waiting for your reply!



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Wow, I agree the price is low but a working car just sold on Ebay for under $29,000. I've never even heard of such an elaborate scheme as you think is in the works. If I wanted the car I would press ahead and just proceed cautiously. It might just be a good deal. I've seem them in the past.

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Guys. C'mon now. Read the various scam baiting sites. This has scam written all over it and any money sent will never be seen again. He will ship it from the Netherlands at his expense so you can inspect it and he will cover the return transport if you don't want it. I'll sell it to you far below marke value and you can pay me later. Yeah, sure. Anyone wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn.

Tell him that you are excited to learn the car is in The Netherlands as you good friend Jeroen is an Amphicar expert and can inspect it for you and even pay him.

Btw, next phase in this scam would be to send some authentic looking shipping documents. That is followed by something putting this great deal with this great guy at risk. Probably that it is held up in customs and you need to send X-thousand dollars to the shipping agent to have it released. He would do so but he is in a war zone helping abandoned orphans.

Caveat emptor.

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It usually takes more than two weeks to ship to Netherlands....This car I believe was sold a few weeks ago for around 25k. Plus lets not forget if it was real...Ben would of picked up and driven to his shop in the Netherlands.


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Yup, our correspondence promptly ended when I offered to pick up the car in person in the Netherlands and save him the shipping costs!

The highlight of my trip over there last month was a trip to the DMV with Ben. Despite a spotless lobby with no waiting and unlimited free cappuccinos there ain't no such thing as a $15,000 registration fee for an Amphicar.


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I just got the same email from the scammer asking for my phone number. I told him that I am anxiously awaiting his call and am willing to send a deposit to hold the car. The phone number I gave him is for the FBI Internet Fraud Division. :)


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Hi everybody, yes Dave [the wave] you are wright if this ad would be real than i already would have picked it up.
Actually i toke a look at this Amphicar a couple of years ago [ you where still living in the midwest Dave ] and it was located in Michigan at the same place where Eddy did buy it now.
If anyone likes free Cappoccinos than he can go with me to the DMV here in the Netherlands and like Bleufin said there is no $15.000 registration fee at the DMV.
If the ad would be not a scam than this car with that price would have been sold in probably a day or 2!!!!!!
This ad is already more than a month old and untill now still on the worldwide web listed.
I would like to know how many people send this ..hole a deposit??????
Isn't there anybody that can stop those people??????

Hello Eddy are you already working on the Amphicar????????
Did you toke a look ad the other big boy toys in the barn where the Amphicar was sleeping???????

Merry Christmas to all of you.