Saving Crusty and Air Lifting


Randy Tusone

Wow! This is the first time I have had time to go
through all this e-mail. Your generosity floors us
both. "Thank you" just doesn't say enough.

We have thought of the air lift. You want to talk
about EXPENSIVE!!! They want $16,000 just to get to
the site. From there the expense mounts.

Right now, we don't know what we can do. The police,
fire and rescue workers up there are not going to let
us do anything. The reason is there have been
repeated drownings in the area.

One good thing that has come out of this is that
Lambertville is going to put a sign at the boat ramp
about the down stream hazards. It's about time
someone did.

New Jersey doesn't want to take responsibility for
warning people about that section and PA doesn't
either. No one is really sure WHO is repsonsible. So,
no signs! It's likely it's Federal.

Well, there is one sign, about 1/2 mile up stream, on
the other side of the bridge. That doesn't do
anything for people who get into the river downstream
from the bridge now does it?

For a while at least, Crusty will remain a monument to
stupidity in the Delaware River. If it winds up
getting washed down in a rain storm we will have to go
pick up the pieces because it will be dashed to bits
on the rocks just downstream from where it is stuck.

We will keep you posted.


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Bill Connelly

Folks recently shocked by Randys' report of the cost of an airlift to save
Old Crusty ($16,000 just to show up!) will be heartened to learn that a
salvage operator based on the Delaware River has been located who estimated
that a conventional crane and float operation would cost about a tenth of
that amount, and that they could handle it ASAP.

I passed the necessary information on to Billy yesterday afternoon. Assuming
all goes well, as soon as we know more as to the exact cost, a donations
webpage will be created for the many well-wishers who'd like to help defray
Billy's costs. Stay tuned here...

For those of you craving a little sedation, what with all this excitement,
you can try what is sure to be this season's hot cocktail at Celina: "Old
Crusty on the Rocks":

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