Saved by the ear!



What a great weekend Amphi gave me. My family, I and Amphi (in tow)
took the RV to a campground on a 2000 acre lake. The crowds of course
formed as soon as we pulled in. They really came running when we
would launch or land. (no ramp, just right off the rough shoreline)

But after a few days of grandstanding and general showing off, I
began to notice a high pitched "whirring" noise. It seemed to get
louder with each swim. Everything looked normal. Temp was good
however she did smell warm but she always smells warm.

Of course I did not tell anyone about this, and just casually parked
myself in a lounge chair for the last day of relation, while Amphi
enjoyed her perch on the trailer in full view of all.

After getting home and further investigation I found the generator
was not generating. When it gets warm it starts to whine. Of course I
called Hugh and replaced it, but then cracked my Bakelite pully right
in half reinstalling. Steel pully promptly fixed that.

Amphi is happy and still going. And that is my point. I may be
paranoid, but my ear saved my ass!

Chris Skeeles
Red 63