San Diego Harbor Excursion

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    San Diego Harbor Excursion

    Steve and Connie graciously invited me to
    join them in their "salty" red Amphi to tour
    the San Diego harbor. Now for those of you
    unfamiliar with this body of water - it is a
    supreme ocean bay of large sailboats, harbor
    tour ships, cargo vessels, aircraft carriers,
    yachts, speed boats, and pickle-fork race boats?
    & on this fine day - a red Amphicar. We launched
    at Shelter island and were instantly the only non-
    white watercraft for as far as the eye could see.
    EVERYONE had to get close enough to take
    photos, wave, ask questions, pump the thumbs
    up sign, and shake their heads in disbelief. Only
    a lone suicidal kayak was smaller than our red
    Amphi. We sailed to the Star of India (one the
    last original ancient tall-sail ships), then over by
    various restaurants where diners were treated
    to a rare sight indeed. Then we motored all the
    way down to the Coronado Bridge and looped
    around back to one of the aircraft carriers docked
    at Coronado. Talk about being dwarfed in size.
    Steve also stopped in front of a giant ship just
    long enough to have some photos taken of him
    demanding the right of way from this 60,000 ton
    tanker ship. {Steve, please post that photo so these
    guys believe me.} On the way back the Nada II,
    another massive cargo vessel, was coming South
    and behind us a huge harbor tour ship was coming
    North - we were in between these behemoths waiting
    to be engulfed in wakes. The waves bobbed Amphi
    like a cork in a blender, saltwater over the bonnet,
    over the windshield and in our laps. Water came
    horribly close to the tops of the doors too!!! It was
    exhilaration on an epic scale, a legendary voyage.
    I was even allowed to navigate us back out onto
    dry land AND was even permitted to re-enter (in
    second gear at an undisclosed speed), but I'll let
    Steve tell that less than proud moment of my life.
    I may never drive my Amphi into the harbor but
    I'm most thankful for the experience. Anyone
    questioning the "sea worthiness" of our Amphis
    should purge all doubts. We hung with the big
    boys and lived to tell about it!

    '64 Turquoise
    San Diego, CA

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