San Diego Amphibious Tour

Ed Price

It was a hot day, so I decided to do the San Diego "Seal" Tour. The vehicle
is a Hydra Terra (not a WWII DUKW); rather ungainly, especially navigating
downtown San Diego traffic and dodging tree limbs, but very stable in the
water. Maximum water speed appeared to be about 5 MPH. Cost was $32 for
about two hours, half of that time in the water.

Sorry about my website ineptitude, but here are the links to the individual
Various smelly marine life hanging around the floating bait tanks
Next two show a Los Angeles class nuclear submarine hiding behind the
anti-terrorist booms
Next is a destroyer (or maybe a frigate) loading ammunition at the isolated
ammo quay
The other guy probably has the right-of-way
These two are old America's Cup contenders now based in San Diego

Ed Price
El Cajon, CA USA
61 Rust Guppy
1987 MB 420SEL