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After just reading the club newsletter describing the method for
correcting sagging top frames, I was compelled to let everyone know
that I used a simpler and admittedly cruder method but it did work. I
do not take credit for this fix as it was not my idea. I thank
whomever posted it awhile back. I'm sure it's in the archives.
The simple method literally takes 5 minutes. Roll down the windows,
stand outside and put a crow bar or similar tool between the top
frame and the tension bar about where the front and rear windows
meet. Then, simply pull the crow bar up and towards you until the top
frame is level and no longer sags. Repeat for the other side. Then
grab a friend and have a cold one on the nearest lake. That's it. In
my case, the tension bar needed to be bent about 1 to 1 1/2 inches.
The bend does not interfere with the operation of the top at all and
only another knowledgeable Amphi owner would know the difference. I
can hear groans already from some who think crow bar and Amphicar in
the same sentence is just not right. Those should absolutely use the
long method which, considering the experienced source, I'm sure is
accurate and the technically correct method; but for me, with limited
and competing interests for my time, to have my frame perfectly
aligned in 5 minutes versus several hours and the need to find an
experienced welder, I'd rather spend the balance of the time on the
Greg Zinkosky(Michigan)
'67 Amphi bright white