Safe Return from Celina


Arnold Hite

>Sharon and I returned safely to Charleston. 740 miles doesn't sound too far
until you factor in that we were towing our Amphi on a small single axle trailer
behind a car with a 6 cylinder engine. She pulls great around here but even the
small rolling hills of southern Ohio were a strain. There's nothing quite like
braking down one of those long grades and then crawling up the other side around
45 mph.
It was great to see old friends and put faces to people I only know
through this list-serve. I was sorry that I didn't realize Mike Israel
was at the gathering. Mike, I was late to the Saturday banquet so I
didn't see you receive your award. Congratulations. I am sorry I didn't
get to speak to you. Without this list-serve guys like me would be
lost. I hope to see all of you again next year in Celina, but in the

Smooth Sailing,
Arnold and Sharon Hite
Johns Island, SC


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