Sacramento River Swim-in

Craig Parada

Craig Parada
The Sacramento River is a real hoot in an Amphicar. I've never failed to have an interesting, fun, and occasionally exciting time there. This year, we're suffering a severe drought as all the precipitation has headed further east, but there should be some water in the Sacramento River during the Spring snow melt (assuming we get some Sierra snow). But since we're Amphibians, NOTHING CAN STOP US!

So, while easterners are headed to Florida, we are laying plans for this side of the continent for the Sacramento River Drive-in Swim-in (in or near) Rio Vista over Memorial Day weekend: May 24 - 26, 2014.

Special events are planned for Towel Day on Sunday the 25th in conjunction with the Arcane Auto Society (people who have even odder, slower cars than we do).

More news soon!


It is happening! - Nancy & I just decided to make the 800 mile trek to join them! Heck, Memorial Morning brunch at the Virgin Sturgeon on the river, is worth the trip all by itself!

Craig & Ken offer the following enticement:

While there's still some water rolling down the Sacramento River, you may wish to join a couple of us on a long weekend! Ken Chambers and I have participated in a couple of variations on this tour over a few years, survived some challenging experiences, and mostly come through with nice photographs and amusing stories.

This year there's a little more refinement, to boot, as we combine forces with the Arcane Auto Society (a group that predates the whole Concours d' Lemons phenomenon) for a Grand Tour. This will include the State of California's two tiny ferrys (like the bubble-cars of the ferry world), a stay in (designated historic) Isleton (,_California) and the arduous journey up to the State Capitol, narrowly avoiding the Sacramento Jazz Festival.

We are currently finalizing rendevous points so that our Roller- Klein- u. Schwimm-waggenen to gather before schooling up river. The itinerary is below, with times and some other minor details to be revealed shortly.

Come join us for some or all of what should be a delightful weekend of suning and swimming with your little mechanical friends! You'll be glad you did!

Here's a brief rundown of what were planning. We need to know how many people are showint up where so that we can make reservations - not to mention know when we've all gathered for each departure. (No ducklings left behind)
Saturday, May 23
Drive to the Western Railway Museum (between Fairfield and Rio Vista) for tours and train rides. (50 minute interurban historic electric railcar rides four times daily and 15 minute streetcar rides every half hour included with admission). We'll plan to arrive there by noon from our various starting points. There will be Amphicar swimming afterwards in nearby Rio Vista.

For those wishing to make the most of the long weekend, we'll drive a few more miles to Isleton for dinner and hotel at Rogelio's Dine and Sleep Inn Husband and wife run the hotel and restaurant. He's of Mexican heritage, and she of Chinese, and the restaurant specializes in, well, American, Mexican, Chinese and Chinese-Mexican cuisine. If you're staying there, dinner is included with room cost. I reserved all the rooms for that night; there are only TWO left so contact me soon if you want one!
Sunday, May 24
This fun drive will take us aboard two (State of California) auto ferries crossing onto Ryer and Grand Islands on the way to neighboring towns of Walnut Grove and Locke for lunch Walnut Grove is a charming town on the Sacramento River. Locke is an early Chinese settlement and a National Historic Landmark,_California.

Driving further north on the picturesque levee roads brings us to Sacramento. The hotel we have is the Sandman Best Western which is walking distance to Old Town They are offering a good group rate, that includes breakfast, and have a 48 hour cancelation policy; call and book now if you think you're going: (916) 443-6515 to book a room in your name. Our Reservation is number 1014, or listed under the Arcane Auto Society.
Monday, May 25
Explore Old Town Sacramento, tour the California Auto Museum, or take Amphicar swims in the river alongside Old Town Sacramento!

If you won't be with us, have a great Holiday weekend! --Larry
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