David Derer

Currently we are at about 15-20 Amphis. If things work out Mike Isreal
will be attending. Hopefully dragging a sweet light grey 65 Amphi.
Primer the other Amphi color!! Eric M. will be our photographer
dropping major bucks on new equipment so we can get some cool 180 degree
type pics. Boat ramps, bars and babes maybe Jimmy Buffet will make up a
song for Me or Allan Jackson since his Amphi is now happily sporting My
quarter panels! If anyone knows Derelict tell him to drop his girl
friend so he can come out. Also may need help getting someone from Quad
cities airport. Hey Cap'n John how about coming out two weeks early and
help Me on a white 66 that really needs to be finished? Maine Mike what
about the SECRET chrome round things? Anyone need a yellow Amphi for
28k? Later Dave the Wave