Rust free body with extra NOS transmission on Ebay

On Ebay right now, Camarillo Ca. 1967 Amphicar taken apart for restoration. Claims to be rust free and comes with NOS transmission!


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There's another Amphicar in Cornelius, North Carolina that was just listed on ebay. More reasonably priced and body looks to be in very good condition. Too bad my garage is full of projects!!


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I don't see that Amphicar that is supposed to be in Camarillo CA. Can you send me the link or the item number?

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It is auction # 290357488128, He shows an odd picture of the transmission side for the header. Auction title says 67 Amphicar though. How many Amphicars come with a spare tranny that is NOS??? Someones gonna be smilin!:D