Rust at the Front Wheel Wells


John Friese

Hello Leslie,

I ran into a related problem on my very late 67. That sub-frame
member wasn't sealed to the wheel well along the top and,in fact, had
an almost 1/8" gap between it and the wheel well sheet metal. Dirt
gets thrown into the opening from the tire rotation and holds moisture
against the wheel well. It eventually rusted through the wheel well
sheet metal that I could only see it from inside the trunk. I cut out
the damaged wheel well area and butt joined in some replacement sheet
steel. I then closed up the areas along the top of that sub-frame that
lets the dirt in and, at least so far, that fixed the problem. I
looked at the same area on my other, not so late, car and found that
the factory had done a better job of welding it tightly to the wheel
well along the top and seam sealed it. I haven't seen any rust in
those areas on that car. I thought that the problem might only exist
on really late cars since Hugh had told me that late Amphicars were
rather "casually" put together but perhaps it's a wider spread problem
than I had thought. All those sub-frames are open along the bottom and
normally water should run right out but I guess it's an area that
should be checked periodically on all cars.

John Friese
67 White
67 Red

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> I still do not know if this will even make it on..
> In the past John in Santa Barbrara has told about rust in the
frame rails..
> I just found another hiding spot and a way to cure it.
> There is a sub frame to the front shocks and rust forms on the top
of the inner fenders..
> after cutting into it I found there is a ledge in there that
water can get past but not out in the 62-65 cars.
> the cure is to drill a hole about 1/2 inch in this area..on the
bottom..water now can go in and out. I also shot it with undercoating
in the cavity.
> Leslie
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