Rubber front axle grease caps?


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Hey there,

I'm just finishing overhauling the brakes on my new Amphicar. New master cylinder, hoses - and seal kits in all the wheel cylinders.

I've seen the rubber axle grease caps produced by Ken Richer (of Louisiana) on David Chapmans website.....they look pretty good, are they still available anywhere?

grease cap.jpg


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I do not believe they have any left.
I was making bearing buddies, which do the same prinicple. spring contracts when hot drum hits cold water, so water is not sucked in past seals.
I have a pic but will not upload.
I am out of them and was not going to make any more for retail sales as they cost more to get machined than I could sell them for.
I did order a few(4sets) in and Have machined them up $75.00

Ken Chambers

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Rubber bearing hub protectors made by Ultra-Tow, available from fits nicely. Inexpensive too.

---Ken Chambers, CA
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View attachment 710 Front wheel hub PVC protector cover. Ultra-Tow 2.328" #5712946 (Fits fine with no modifications).

View attachment 711 Rear wheel hub PVC protector cover. Ultra-Tow 1.781" #5712945. (Trim off 1/8" with scissors so inside rib reaches hub groove).


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Thanks for all of that - I'll go see the trailer guys and review the cap choices.

Tried Northern Tool (but I'm in Australia).......won't be too hard.