Rons last swim!


Ron, you can always catch a ride with me but I'm afraid you'll have to leave your ducks behind. I hope we still see you at all the usual events.


Amphicar Expert
I would like to see the club news letter do a story on Ron.
please tell your story and pass it on to the club.

Here is my story,

In 2004 at Celina , Ray Plane brought this fellow over and said he wanted his Amphicar redone. Greeting were made at the Celina Flea market, I looked at his car and told him to bring it up to Orillia in the Fall.( it did not look too bad but problems with rear quarters)

I really thought I would never see him again.

Sept. 1st Ron and Friend show up at my shop with his Amphicar and leaves it for repairs.. Over the winter I did a complete redo on his car, He jokes he bought the lifetime warrantee(Non transferable thou)

When car was done They came back and picked it up and took it back to NH.

At the 2005 Celina Swim in, Ron started following me around, I am thinking to my self, go away, I have to meet new people(New customers) well, after time I got use to him, and we did become the BEST of friends,

He is the best helper I have ever had, even if it is just handing me a wrench.

In the fall of 2008 I crashed a airplane and was hurt pretty bad, I wasn’t home les than a week when Ron drive up from NH (600 plus miles) to help out around the home and shop. I was

In a wheel chair, he would get the parts and tools so I could assemble the car I had been working on.

We travel together, shared hotel expenses, He moved into and shared my Double wide home in Fl.(Him and Debbi now own it)

And even when he is hurting he still try’s to help me out at my new Fl, home.