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    <font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">Well I certainly wish I was too in Celina. Well I will definately make it
    next year. Took my DeLorean to a show to day for consolement :) Hope
    everyone has a great time at the Swim In


    New Jersey

    Looking for that Amphi</font>
  2. Allan Woodcock

    That's what they call it in some of the Genealogy circles I frequent.
    Once in a while everyone is asked to just say something to the list to
    let it be known that they exist.
    Great idea Mark. Maybe we could all tell a few feelings and a bit
    more. On the other hand maybe some of our feelings in print about not
    being at Celina would have to be censored. Next year looks better for
    us to be there. My car is having some all-metal body filler applied to
    the few remaining places that need it and then etching primer will go
    on. As for the paint itself, here in California they are not using
    enamel or laquer but instead PE is what the fed's are making the body
    shops paint with.
    Hope to see more postings from the rest of those who are "Wishing they
    were there!"

    red '67

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