Rockie Mountain Amphicar



After more than 4 years of installing & uninstalling my transmission,
(6 times) only to have wheel bearings locking up & brake lines close
shut, new top won't fit, carb leaking gas again, can't find time to
install the 2 year old new interior,(of course my wife hates the car)
I can't drive this thing to the lake, I can't even talk about it at
work anymore, It's been in the lake 1 time in two years! Did I
mention my wife hates this thing?
Hey John, old buddy & friend? "Of course I can Help" he says,
In two weeks John Bevins did as much or more than I did in two years.
I drove to the lake with my wife saterday eve. (twin sevens &
eleven year old boy with sitter) sunset cruise with six pack & no
one on the lake. Life is good again. Lori had such a good time, she
even said, "This is so fun, wouldn't it be fun to take this with us
on vacation sometime? ("Celina here we come!)
If anyone is within any close distance to Berthoud Co. & needs any
help with there Amphi, ROCKIE MOUNTAIN AMPHICAR! need I say more?

Thanks John! Mark Barnes & family