Robins & horses...

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We've just been through cold, sleet, rain, more sleet, snow, cold,
cloudy, now sunny but very cold and windy. It just keeps coming. I
keep looking for robins but have not seen one. The horses are
shedding now, you can hardly body brush the saddle area to put the
saddle on without brushing the whole body, and then have to sweep up
all that winter hair, maybe they know something we don't, maybe the
robins will show up before March this year, maybe we can take Amphi
to the lake for a swim soon, the ice is already out in parts, I would
worry about getting back up the ramp, it may be icy, that would be
cool, 911 from Amphi to get a tow up the ramp, maybe we would try the
old "go in backwards" trick like Amphipoda..., I think we'll wait?

BUOYANT, in our warm garage 64 Turq in WI