Road worthy? YES!



Bilgy said these are cars too? Don't tell me that you can actually
drive them on the road too! ;)

During my drive-train replacement exercise of my truck, I used the
Amphi for everyday driving. I often imes will take the Amphi to get
groceries or ?. She loves the long drives. The more I drive it the
better she runs. She even starts great in below freezing temps. Do
yourself a favor and take your Amphi out to dinner or out for a non-
water related destinations with you. You'll meet more people and
your Amphi will feel more loved too.

I got an Amphicar out of a warehouse in Georgia a couple years ago.
It had sat for 8+ years. We put hundreds of miles on that car while
at Dave's swim in on that car. The more we drove it the better
things worked. When we 1st drove it, not many things worked. By the
end of the trip, everything worked! It took 90+ miles to get the
flat spots out of the tires.

There are folks who have large collections of cars. They usually
have people who drive them regularly on a course to "exercise" them.
A car sitting without being exercised regularly is a car slowly
degrading. A car exercised regularly is a happy car that simply will
give less trouble and be more reliable.

John "Drive it!" Bevins
Rocky Mountain Amphicar